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Alternative Resources work closely with our clients on a flexible, ad hoc basis providing assistance in the areas of sales lead generation and finance.

Our Sales Generation team have more than 25 years experience generating multi-million pound sales pipelines.

Our Finance Team has extensive experience working closely with business leaders and owners. We provide a flexible high level advisory and functional capability from start-up through to exit. 


We provide ad hoc, flexible sales lead generation assisting companies with setting up meetings, finding projects, prospect qualification and lead nurturing capturing all communication in the client's CRM.



We provide flexible financial director and business advisory services. These can be project based or on a monthly retained basis. 

 Connect with Us

 Tel:          01932 227512


 Business Dev/Lead Gen


  Mobile:   07702 886314




  Mobile:   07941 644535​


Sell me this pen ....

My daughter was going to an interview recently and was anticipating this question.  What's the right answer mum? You need to find out first what the customer is looking for, what they like and dislike, what issues have they had before, what are their plans - you listen and then you map how your solution can help.  The important thing is to LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN, ask back, qualify so prospect is happy to move to next step.  So back to daughter's job pursuit  - after 3 tough interviews she got the job! 

Our Expertise
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